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Meeting Minutes — June 24 2009

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Meeting Minutes — June 24 2009


1. Dome construction

The models have been successfully tested and the design on the dome skeleton is ready. The next step is to calculate the required strength of the structure based on the amount of concrete it will have to support, and subsequently the necessary diameter of the piping and connector bolts. If anyone has a lot of experience with this type of calculation, please contact Tanya.

Our goal is to construct the skeleton as soon as possible, and hopefully to pour our first dome by August 1st. This will keep us on schedule to bring the technology to Nepal in the fall.

2. Reactor Construction

Elad has been working with our sponsor, Wolfman Construction, to aquire the inlet, outlet and main reactor unit for the Technion reactor. We have decided that the Technion reactor will follow exactly the same design as the Nepalese reactor, apart from being made of lightweight plastic instead of concrete. More information to com soon.

3. Renewable Energy in Israel/Palestine

Tom and Yonatan are working on a new, low-tech retrofit to make gas-based portable refrigerators run on solar energy. These fridges can then be used by communities living without power to refrigerate goat and sheep products for market (butter and cheese) We have collected the necessary parts and materials and will start experimenting next week. Please contact us if you are interested in taking part.

4. Water pumps for Susiya

The rural community in Susiya has asked us to help them devise a low-tech, sturdy water pumping solution for their cisterns and wells. We are currently exploring designs for hand, treadle and other forms of pumps that can be cheaply deployed in the region. Our goal is to modify or create a design that can be easily and cheaply replicated by the local community so that more of these pumps can later be built from scrap materials.

5. Fundraising

EWB Technion chapter is still dramatically short of our fundraising goals. We encourage all members to help us in finding donors or sponsor organizations/companies. If you know someone who would be interested in supporting EWB, contact us and we will send you informational materials that you can pass along. Anyone with ideas for raising money should share them at the next weekly meeting.

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Meeting Minutes– 6/17/09

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Top Priorities:

1. Funding. The technion institute has not been forthcoming in promising funding for the upcoming project in Nepal. We must make fundraising a major priority so that we can accomplish our goals in Namsaaling this fall. NCDC, our Nepalese partner organization, have expressed their excitement about our arrival and requested that we start by assisting with the construction of 5 biogas reactors. We need to make sure that we have the funds to deliver on our promise. Everybody should be thinking about potential corporate partners, funding sources, fundraising events and any other ways for EWB Technion to make up its current shortfall ahead of the Nepal project.

2. Update on dome construction: The reactor working group has completed a new construction design that will dramatically reduce the time and effort required to build new reactors. The system uses an interlocking scaffolding of pipes, on top of which the full weight of the concrete dome can be set. This scaffolding can be carried into villages and reused many times, increasing the incentive for reactor construction and reducing labor requirements. Group members are now constructing the scaffold and testing the design. We should soon be ready for a full-scale construction test.

3. New DIY solutions for Susiya: Tom is testing a new design for retrofitting old propane-powered refrigerators to run on solar power. We would like to develop this design as a cheap & clean solution for desert refrigeration that could be installed at our partner site in Susiya, and later at small Beduoin farms in the Negev. Refrigeration is especially important for communities whose main source of income is from cheese and butter production. Work will begin next week. Check the site for updates. Also, EWB technion is interested in exploring small-scale pump designs to help draw water from wells in Susiya and other small villages.

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