Wind group

This page is the resource and project center for the EWB-technion wind group.

We are dealing with a few projects, all related to promoting wind turbine use for electricity or other forms of energy, focusing on rural uses and using the excellent Hugh Piggott design.

So first – I would like to “host” the man himself, in a recent and excellent talk he gave at a fellow EWB section, in the UK.

And a couple of links –

The plan for 2012, spring semester, is

  1. To start measuring wind speeds in a couple of sites and gaining experience with that (we have several candidate sites, some with the renewable energy cooperative, some in the negev rural beduim communities and hopefully some in our new wind-turbine-Carmel-test-site!)
  2. Start building our own turbines. Some will go on various roofs in the Technion, some will go to the negev, and some for future projects abroad. All will help us learn the art of turning wind into power in a way replicable with minimal machinary in rural third world scenarios.
  3. Showing how much our current Borowitz mounted turbine is producing – and making a show around it! lets talk about … wind!

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